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Mr. Coin was our first customer from wattpad. He grew to be a loyal customer so much that we offered him a place here. Now, he guides you through our establishments. We thought, however, you might want to know his story from when he was at wattpad, and how the story has gone along till present, for you see, while he works for us, he hasn’t forgotten his first love. He offers wattcoins regularly.

Below is an abridged version of his wattpad story, and then the showcase of his wattcoins.

My Wattpad Story (Abridged)

I’d been writing many unfinished short stories and plotting a dog and pony show equivalent of trying to trump maestros J.R.R. and Christopher Tolkien at what they do (in plain English: a high fantasy story with a fully developed world, cultures, languages, guillotines, and all) for 3 years before my first year in college. I’m a graduate now, and you can imagine most of the material I had then have either gone obsolete or have been discontinued because, well, I was just learning stuff then, and, they all sound childish now. But I can’t leave my high fantasy story alone, no. In time, it shall be revisited. High fantasy formed the bedrock of who I am s a writer today.

Anyways, I discovered I needed to improve my skills very badly. Ironically, for a writer, I read the least number of novels among my friends while I was trying out my hand in literature. It was after I had discovered my innate talent in telling stories that I sought to work on it; and this was in my first year in college. I knew I had to read, a lot; like cover the classics (which I’m still doing till date), dive into African literature, etc. So, I asked around for websites where I could find free ebooks to download and read. A friend of mine (same discipline in college) introduced me to, where he had found the project gutenberg wattpad community profile with all the classics you know and can remember. What this friend didn’t know, and of course, could not tell me was that wattpad was more than where I could get to read Gullivers’ Travels for free and go away. It was the divinely-given writers’ space where I can not just learn, but interact and make friends with other like-minded writers and readers all over the world. So, I made this discovery all on my own, and I can boldly say that 5 years on the network (though school work didn’t allow me participate as fully as I’d wished, and I’ve almost entirely lost touch with the early friends I made there) was my writer’s Camp David (my training ground). I’m a better and more equipped – not to forget, connected – writer because of wattpad.

Special thanks go to these awesome wattpadders who made it possible: Cala, Rachel, Sally, Kevin, Matt, Erin, and Leah.

Here are my wattcoins.

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