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Two Cents’ Worth (contracted form: two cents)    /tu: sɛnts/

Definition: (idiomatic) One’s opinions or thoughts.

Usage: That’s just my two cents’ worth; you can believe what you like.

Two Pennies’ Worth (contracted form: tuppence)   /tu: ‘pɛniz/

Definition: (idiomatic) One’s opinions or thoughts.

Usage: That’s just my two pennies’ worth; you can believe what you like.

Two Kobos (contracted form: tukobos)     /tu: kəubəuz/

Definition: (idiomatic) One’s opinions or thoughts.

Usage: That’s just my two kobos; you can believe what you like.

Mr. Coin’s real identity is Chizzy Ndukwe N.

Yup, him!

And, he’s our biggest collector. Here’s what he has to say about our establishment:


We live in a world full of opinion bloggers; the only catch is, only 0.1% of us opinion bloggers actually do it on the internet. But we’re all the same.

Characteristics of an Opinion Blogger:

  1. Ability to See: We see with our eyes, ears, skin, and thoughts. And seeing excites us and makes us want to do things.
  2. Ability to Speak: All that see, speak. It is automatic, autonomic, reflexive, and irrepressible. We speak with our mouths (singing, oratory, poetry, narration, spoken word, drama, conversation, debate), our hands (writing, drawing, texting, painting, clapping, playing musical instruments, sculpting, caressing, typing, sports), our legs (sports, dancing, being there), our smiling faces, and our unspoken, unexpressed, welling emotions.
  3. The Having of a Voice: Voices do one thing—they identify one, and quite frankly, pits them against 7.1 billion other opinion bloggers with their own unique voices. Imagine that debate—the most divisive one to ever happen. Thank goodness our voices find synergy and have the ability to be aligned together. We find common ground and form a party, but we still know, the tone, timbre, and pitch of our voice is different from anyone else’s.

Instances of Voices at Play:

Tories  vs.   Whigs

Republicans  vs.  Democrats

APC  vs.  PDP

Conservatives  vs.  Liberals

The People  v.  O.J. Simpson

Buhari  vs.  Jonathan

Brexit  OR  Not

Immigration Reforms  OR  Not

Paid Healthcare Systems  OR  Not

American Gun Laws

So when you look at it this way, you don’t have an excuse for not owning your own blog. I’m not saying go online and begin fiddling with wordpress and blogger and tumblr, I’m just saying, “see, speak, have a voice.”

And this is what is. Doubling as my author profile/freelance writer hiring services website (see how to contract my services here), it is my space to tell you what I feel about stories and news from both the literary and oil and gas communities (my niches), and as well, showcase works of mine scattered all over the internet.

It also highlights news from Route Africa — the non-profit for young emerging African writers I founded in May, 2016 — and as well fiction, essay, and poems of mine (or stuff I’ve since stopped writing) that you can’t find elsewhere, if you’re that curious.

So, welcome to another rag-tag internet space where yet another human being has decided to have you read the same news you find elsewhere, only augmenting it a little so that you can hear his unbiased (I wish!) take on said subject.

Welcome to, enjoy Chizzy’s little opinions.

Or not; it’s actually all your decision.

Chizzy Ndukwe N

Chizzy Ndukwe N is a graduate of Petroleum Engineering from Federal University of Technology Owerri. He is a yet unpublished writer, and has been writing, mostly on online platforms, for eight years now and counting. His works can be seen on his wattpad profile, on Yolar Magazine, on Toryhub,, and Birds and Bridges (the official blog for Route Africa Writers Organization, which he founded in May, 2016).

He interviews writers, especially wattpad writers, on his soundcloud podcasts for his Route Africa alias (Rufuous Flycatcher 8422). Among some of the writers he’s interviewed is Canadian L D Crichton (The Enchantment of Emma Fletcher).

He is currently working on his first novel, curates, oversees Route Africa, and nerds out on all your favourite Hollywood movie franchises.

He listens to weird music too. Like, you need encyclopedias to figure who’s on his playlist.

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