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The Bohemian Dilettante defines the word bohemian as “a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts” and the word dilettante as “a person who cultivates an area of interest, such as the arts, without real commitment or knowledge”. Combine both definitions and you have “a socially unconventional person who cultivates areas of interest (in the arts), without real commitment or knowledge”.

I’m tempted to jump in and say that is the best way to describe me. But it quite isn’t. I am all that, but I have a full invested interest in fiction literature, so that’s one area of the arts I won’t chuck up to that definition. As for every other area in the arts, and I mean every other area, I am our go-to bohemian dilettante. And not just the arts. Sciences too. I tend to have interest in a lot of things, and learn a little from many things. My thing though is fiction writing and petroleum engineering (by profession).

I guess that is two things.

I once wrote down this on my memo pad on my phone, and it’s still there till today:

Definition of Me:

Me: A passion-driven rebellious African bohemian autodidactic literatus, who can be an arduous maverick sometimes, a bored dilettante at others, and is given to an eternal discovery of God.”

That, indeed, is the best way to describe me (in SAT language).

In normal English however, I’m just a guy that loves acquiring knowledge. And I do all my best to cultivate ways to express my love and interpretations of the knowledge I gather. I’m a bloody curious being.

And so, you have a guy who runs a blog (, has a wattpad profile (Chizzy Ndukwe N), is the CEO of a non-profit for writers (Route Africa), is planning a huge collaborative cross-continental writing experience for African writers (The Ozinta Series), is on the verge of doing something with his love for graphics and design (Vivid Pieces), writes for Yolar Magazine and InspireCrib, sings, dances, plays the guitar and the piano, and now, added to it, now runs a podcast for discussing just about any matter discussable, because why the heck not? (The Bohemian Dilettante).

The Bohemian Dilettante is an effort of mine to showcase and interview persons I’ve met, would love to meet, and whom I consider as mentors, to share their experiences and give advices and pointers to others out there wishing and aiming to achieve what they have. My guests range from literary personnel, to business tycoons and entrepreneurs, teachers, persons in the entertainment industry, and people in tech.

When I’m not interviewing people, I’m converting the podcast channel to an audio version of tukobos. I pick salient and trending global topics, say my views on them, and then leave it up for discussion. Or, I drop a poetry piece or a narration of a short story once in a while.

The Bohemian Dilettante is here, and here to stay, so, tune in, and join me in my journey. Let’s have fun together.

You can also visit the Soundcoins page for a rundown of the tracks and podcasts on The Bohemian Dilettante.

Thank you, and welcome, folks!!

Chizzy Ndukwe N

Chizzy Ndukwe N. is a recent graduate of Petroleum Engineering from Federal University of Technology Owerri. He is a yet unpublished emerging writer who has been writing for about 8 years now. He writes on wattpad as @ChizzyNdukweN and some of his works appear on Toryhub, Yolar magazine Inspirecrib, and Birds and Bridges (the official blog for Route Africa Writers Organization, which he founded). He is the founder and president of the non-profit organization for emerging African writers, Route Africa. He is also a reading advocate in partnership with the Reading Revolution in Africa Project.

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