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Welcome to a most mysterious department of The Establishment. More mysterious than any Room of Requirements. Logic loses logic here. A place where minting, storing, analysis, buying, and selling of coins leads to incessant affirmations of the verity and truth you find in the paragraph below:

Philosophical and protoscientific traditions aimed at purifying, maturing, and perfecting objects through means unconventional and mostly untested to mankind leads one to a special appreciation of mankind’s limited reach to the overarching governing forces of the universe; and so, such traditions must be continuously upheld, whether in secret or in the open…the mint that purifies, matures, and perfects through unconventional means must go on, so that enlightenment may flourish.

Practices in this department are rumored to be (no one may know for certain, for certainty thrives in defiance of principles that make this department exist) chrysopoeia, transmutation of base metals into noble metals (particularly gold), creation of elixirs of immortality, creation of panaceas able to cure any disease, the development of an alkahest – a universal solvent – the perfection of the human body and soul resulting from the alchemical magnum opus and, the achievement of gnosis.

The original philosopher’s stone lies safely on a stand here. It was not a stone. It is a coin.

This is the region of the alchemist, and what you picture as fiction, he brings to life…we think.

Perhaps, Mr. Coin knows. He must.

The Alchemist’s Latest Works:

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