Chizzy's Little Opinions

We mint a good number of our coins for music lovers out there…and not just music; sound of any kind- the folks that would rather read an audio book, rather listen than read the news, prefers spoken word poetry to traditional poetry, those folks.

They are very dear to our hearts, and that is why we consider them a lot.

They are big supporters of our vision as well. The vision to see that all our customers (direct or indirect) see beauty in numismatics, our brand of numismatics.

As a marketing strategy to have a good foothold amongst these folks, Mr. Coin, our Collector, has gone ahead and established good relations in their territory, such that, even from our establishment, one can see how the voiced interpretations of our coins and coinage can capture one, just like it would do were it being seen and examined from The Establishment itself.

Here are these voice interpretations from Mr. Coin from soundcloud.

We have thes from our friends at Route Africa.

And, we have these from The Bohemian Dilettante (a most strange individual who might just be Mr. Coin’s twin):


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