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My Graceful 2018
Grateful for 2018

My Graceful 2018

Happy New Year Folks. Yes, it’s been over forty days (48 exactly) since I last posted. It’s been a roller coaster of busy nights to lazy nights to incapable nights back to lazy nights. But those are all excuses. The truth is that I’ve sorely missed this- writing, blogging, pouring out the jumbled-up contents of my mind in a space where, even though it looks and sounds organized when you read it, is still the same beautiful mess my mind is; only, I share it now.

2017 was excellent for me. This does not mean it did not have its downturns, for it had many- lost a dear aunt, barely survived a highway armed robbery on my way to camp (though I count this one as a blessing and a testimony), lost one of my greatest mentors, someone I organized a program with when I was just fresh out of school, a man who loved knowledge and relentlessly made moves to impact others and share what he knows. Writing this gets me emotional about his loss. We can’t question or query the way of death, else I’d have petitioned that he remained just a little bit more.

Phew. Nuff of the sad. On to the pleasant.

In 2017 alone, I organized the aforementioned workshop which was a never-before-seen type event in my school- a learning-to-read workshop. Response was queer, but all that came benefited immensely. 2017 afforded me the privilege to call myself a published professional researcher. I landed an interview with School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London’s Afrikult. outfit, got nominated for the Literary Excellence Award for the 2017 Africa Youth Awards alongside 6 other excellent African literary personnel (including someone whose pen I adore a lot, Noviolet Bulawayo), was named Yolar Magazine’s Person of the Year, and all-round, had an adventurous time being a youth corper serving at the Petroleum Training Institute, Warri.

As achievements go, it might not be plenty, but it was a fulfilling year. 2018 has kicked off in similar light, filled with opportunity to receive help and offer help.

Someone asked me if I had any resolutions or specific goals for the year. I honestly searched my heart and replied, “this year, it’s all about how God leads me.” That particular statement resounded in my heart when I sat at the bedside of a fellow youth corper who was involved in a tragic accident just a week after returning to Warri to complete the service. She had a severe flesh wound and her legs expanded, and was the best of the patients admitted after the accident. A burst tire. Sometimes, drivers in our Nigerian roads just forget the value of life. We should all be careful. It was favour that saved this friend of mine. Unmerited favour. Grace, that only God can give.

So, I begin 2018 with thanksgiving, and with a grateful heart, handing over my ways to Him who is above to lead me through, and rack up writing opportunities and laurels my way till I’m completely flabbergasted by them.

On a final note, tukobos has kicked off. I promise to cover topics ranging from fashion, to technology, to food, music, movies, books, engineering, business, politics, etc.. Why? Because, I have a voice, and I’m free to give my opinion – my tukobos – on these matters.

Have a wonderful year ahead people.

Chizzy Ndukwe N

Chizzy Ndukwe N. is a recent graduate of Petroleum Engineering from Federal University of Technology Owerri. He is a yet unpublished emerging writer who has been writing for about 8 years now. He writes on wattpad as @ChizzyNdukweN and some of his works appear on Toryhub, Yolar magazine Inspirecrib, and Birds and Bridges (the official blog for Route Africa Writers Organization, which he founded). He is the founder and president of the non-profit organization for emerging African writers, Route Africa. He is also a reading advocate in partnership with the Reading Revolution in Africa Project.

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