Interviews with Writers

Ever wonder what it would feel like if every storyteller all around the globe came together and shared ideas for one whole month, and then they go home and express those ideas in new writing? They say the internet made the world smaller and has fostered the merging of a wide variety of cultures to the extent new ones are forming. Believe me, if such a writers’ summit occurs, it will give the internet a run for its money.

This is what I envisioned when I started “What’s Up Writing World?” on soundcloud, to slowly get to that point where any writer can come on, and we just simply talk, no charge, no stress. We have a good time. I’m African, so, I bring African writing/literature to the discussion table. Whatever your nationality/culture (whether or not you’re a published or unpublished, established or emerging writer), if we can rub minds together in this platform, it makes for a swell time, and a better means of stepping outside of your comfort zone and take on new challenges, embedding new cultures in your writing.


Here’s the soundcloud playlist for What’s Up Writing World. Enjoy!


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