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Hates & Questions
hates questions

Hates & Questions

hates questions
hates questions

For the past two months, I have not posted anything here. I even have some site maintenance to run as things are now.

You see, I’m fresh at that point where a young man starts off life…i.e. pick a city to live in, get a job, make money, settle, find a mate, that sort of thing.

So, it’s been plenty difficult, and I’ve been plenty distracted from writing and blogging.

However, in all this time, drawing a little from personal experience and my many musings whenever I come across a piece of literature (text, audio, video) that tells stories of life, culture, relationships, I have gone ahead to analyse certain social conventions and way of living. Many things have annoyed me that I have noticed, and many questions I have asked.

At the end of it all, I cumulated these hates and questions and the last two days, I posted them as listicles on my whatsapp status and on Facebook.

I wrote straight from the heart, and I wrote with intent to induce ponder and rumination in the heart of the reader.

I needed more permanence, so, despite the unkempt nature of this blog, I’ve chosen to repost these hates and questions here.

Hope they speak to you as much as they spoke to me.

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Arigato gosaimasu!

A couple of things I hate:

1. Fake-ness
2. Stereotypes
3. Social Stigmas
4. Inflexibility
5. Numb hearts

A couple of questions I ask:

1. Is the woman not allowed to initiate the relationship?
2. Is the man not allowed to be sensitive and in touch with his feelings?
3. Is the woman not allowed to be protective?
4. Are the culprits of an act of fornication or adultery not always both the man and the woman?
5. Can not the man be hurried into marriage too?
6. Can not the woman be established independently before finding a mate too?
7. Can not men be whores too?
8. Can not women be players too?
9. Since goodness and chastity is now lame, and badness and promiscuity is cool, shouldn’t we all stick with the bad and promiscuous instead?
10. Is there not disease and the healthy chance of depositing a portion of your soul forever into a stranger when you hunt for “strange” anymore? (whereby, a history of say 4 strange encounters has left you with only 20%)
11. Where went trust?
12. Where went forgiveness?
13. Where went apology?
14. Where went empathy?
15. Where went hearty appreciation?
16. They say, “follow your heart”, and I become a slave to my emotions, and forget my head. Have I not done the right thing?
17. They say, “use your head”, and I become a slave to “smartness” and forget my heart. Have I not done the right thing?
18. Crying is “human”, but apparently, it is strictly “woman”. So….man isn’t human anymore?
19. Strength and gumption is “human”, but apparently, it is strictly “man”. So….woman isn’t human anymore?
20. Is monogamy all simply an accumulated human cultural construct?
21. Is the woman not allowed to be romantic too?
22. “He/She’s so fun.” Have you checked if he/she isn’t a child too?
23. “He/She’s so boring.” Have you checked if you aren’t too?

These are just generic pondering on the state of the world. They are not coming from any personal experiences.

Chizzy Ndukwe N

Chizzy Ndukwe N. is a recent graduate of Petroleum Engineering from Federal University of Technology Owerri. He is a yet unpublished emerging writer who has been writing for about 8 years now. He writes on wattpad as @ChizzyNdukweN and some of his works appear on Toryhub, Yolar magazine Inspirecrib, and Birds and Bridges (the official blog for Route Africa Writers Organization, which he founded). He is the founder and president of the non-profit organization for emerging African writers, Route Africa. He is also a reading advocate in partnership with the Reading Revolution in Africa Project.

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