Chizzy's Little Opinions

This disclaimer covers all aspects of (hereafter known as [the] blog), its contents, references, referrals, and any other property generated and/or owned on/by the blog.

The disclaimer:

  1. This blog is purely a personal opinion blog. It has no affiliations with any existing newspaper or magazine publications.
  2. The elements of the blog has been creatively structured to reflect a coin minting factory. It is not affiliated to any coin minting factory; thus, every reference to coin minting or numismatics should be treated as a literary (metaphorical) device to add spice to its content and appearance.
  3. Content on this blog are not affiliated with/to any association or organization I am personally affiliated with. It is a separate space standing on its own.
  4. Any and all information provided on this blog should be treated as accurate and true to the best of my knowledge; this does not exclude the chance for omissions, errors or mistakes, especially on matters that are not publicly verified to be a hundred percent accurate.
  5. Information provided on this blog is purely for entertainment and/or informational purposes. Therefore, no content should be taken or regarded as professional advice in any field of endeavour (unless explicitly stated).
  6.  I reserve the right to change how the blog is managed or run, and may change the focus or content on the blog at any time.
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