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Big Brother Unpredictable (#BBU) – Take 1 || A BBNaija Talk-Talk Series
BB Unpredictable Take 1

Big Brother Unpredictable (#BBU) – Take 1 || A BBNaija Talk-Talk Series

Big Brother Unpredictable (#BBU) – Take 1

I had to do it. The writer in me would not let me rest. I mean, there’s just so much to say, so much to analyse, and if you love using words to dissect situations like me, then you would not be able to resist the pull to do this if it ever overcomes you.

I did not watch the first two seasons of Big Brother Naija. I didn’t even know when season 1 happened. I wanted to start season 2, but I was in a place where my thinking was nothing but, “this thing everybody is watching, where they’re just sitting down, and talking, and annoying each other…abeg, I have better things to do with my life.” And so, I ignored the show from start to finish. Then, all the talks about Efe, Bisola, T Boss, TTT, Gifty, Kemen filled everywhere, and annoyed me the more. And then, I resolved, “I’m not gonna be lured to watch any version of this thing. Ever.”

And yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed the Payporte games, and how only six persons out of twenty was able to arrange just four different shapes with different colours into a bigger right-angled triangle.

You should have seen me…Okay, no, I’m not loud, or expressive as you’re imagining right now. But the truth is that, I was with them, the housemates, body and soul. I felt the bafflement when persons were so immaculately off of the target shape, and the tension when they were so close to getting the shape correctly.

So, what happened? Why the sudden change in interest with the show? It’s a question I keep asking myself, and one I’ve provided a few answers to:

  • I’m living in a corps members quarters in my place of primary assignment (yes, I’m a Nigerian youth corps member), and it consists of hot-blooded, hip, fashionable, trendy youths, all of whom I suppose were into the show before now. And, I chill at the sitting room, where there’s a central television and Big Brother Channel almost always on.
  • I’m a writer who recognizes good drama wherever he sees it. And, truth be told, the show is good drama.
  • Ever watched any of those scary movies where humans are kept as lab rats for some twisted social experiment? Yea. My head has been going, “…wonder when BBNaija will finally transform into one of those…”
  • I need stuff to write about my blog.
  • Shit happens.

That last reason holds water more than the first four. Why? Because I believe in the unpredictable.

Just the same way it was utterly unpredictable that Teddy-A would be the fastest to win. I mean, it was like he had expo. He came up, did his thing, and left. The ladies were salvaged by Anto and Nina, Nina’s celebrated by both the housemates, Miracle, and practically every other person watching the show. Lolu was the utterest (there’s no such word) of disappointments, and I had been rooting for him since day one.

It was an unpredictable night, and what I take out of it is Never Judge A Book By Its Cover.


When you act smart, be smart.

I would not judge Lolu too harshly because the games are tricky. When you pant so much from a quick exercise, there’s every chance your brain’s memory functions would need time to assimilate information, time longer than five seconds. I would excuse the failures for this reason.

Payporte Games
Yesterday’s Score Board
Yesterday's Triangle
The Dreaded Triangle

My strategy would have been to relax. I mean, it’s ten bloody minutes. Do the hurdles. See the shape. Note that it is a big triangle with the yellow section by the right, the green section at the top, and, like a staircase, the blue on the red section, providing support. Maybe the engineer in me is more acute than in others, or perhaps I’m gifted by some degree of an idetic memory. Or, I would completely flop at it when faced with the challenge actually.

I don’t know. The truth is, it was a nice watch, thoroughly enjoyed, happily written about here, with lessons on unpredictability and maintaining carriages, and a promise to come back everyday with a little something from Big Brother Naija.

For now, have a nice day y’all.


This is the first in a series of annoying chatter about big brother naija double wahala. Let’s see how much fun we can have. Come here tomorrow for another. It can only get better.

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