Chizzy's Little Opinions

Rare, easy to handle, easy to mint, smelt and fabricate, resistant to corrosion, noble (resistant to chemical reactions), distinct lustre.

This is another prestigious department in our mint. Everything you find here you can’t find elsewhere (rare); It will not confound you such that it’s nonsensical (easy to handle); Read enough, and you’ll find you can do produce some yourself (easy to mint); Have you any for yourself, you can find that editing comes easy the longer you stay (easy to smelt); And then, when you just need them to take a specific shape, you see it happen like it’s just another Tuesday here (easy to fabricate).

They don’t get overburdened with worldly weights and takes (resistant to corrosion); nor do they commingle and attain adulteration (noble); and finally, they stand out (distinct lustre).

It’s not just gold, it’s those that speak to you. And they’re here, in Aurum, at the mint, in our establishment.


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